BMI Calculator

BMI Calculator - Here is a quick way to measure your basic fitness status in terms of your weight and height. It approximately measures the fat in your body, and whether you need to lose weight.

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Energy Calculator

This can help you calculate the suggested intake of calories, basically, your daily required energy intake, which can help you plan your diet better. Just input details in the below fields, and get your recommended calorie intake according to your lifestyle.

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Your Calories Intake
Category Basal Metabolic Rate Sedentary Light Exercise Moderate Exercise Heavy Exercise Athlete
Calorie range 1,464 1,757 2,013 2,269 2,525 2,525
Category BMI range
Basal Metabolic Ratet 1,464
Sedentary 1,757
Light Exercise 2,013
Moderate Exercise 2,269
Heavy Exercise 2,525
Athlet 2,525