Whey Protein Powder

Whey, a protein is well known amongst the gym goers, the athletes and the bodybuilders is derived from milk. It has a great profile of amino acids that are essential for muscle cell repairing, recovery and growth. 

Soy Protein Powder

Soy protein, a plant-based protein is obtained from leguminous plant soybean. It is the only complete plant-based protein that contains all the essential amino acids.  

The protein quality of these two protein sources is very different due to the difference in the proportions of amino acids.  This comes clear while determining the Biological Value (BV) for each of these proteins- Whey protein has a high BV ranging from 104-159 (depending on purity) whereas the BV for Soy is 73. This explains the extent to which the absorption and digestion is differential and hence the availability of the protein ingested differs.


Whey Protein vs. Soy Protein

Whey beats Soy Protein

When comparing whey and soy protein in the context of muscle growth, Whey protein has many goals in its court.  Whey is the fastest absorbed protein as compared to any other sources. A clinical study found that whey protein was absorbed more quickly, had higher concentrations and better profile of amino acids important for muscle growth and hence leading to greater muscle protein synthesis than soy protein. 

Soy and oestrogen levels 

Soy has a high level of Phytoestrogens- a dietary factor that acts like oestrogen when consumed and can create an oestrogen like effect in the body. This effect may lead to higher fat deposition; the effect antagonist to the lean body goals of the hard-core (bodybuilders, powerlifters and athletes) considering this effect whey protein has to be the winner on this aspect.

The final call!! Whey to go…

Whey protein and Soy protein supplements are both dietary supplements that can help meet your daily protein needs. While each form of the protein has its own health benefits, research has shown that whey protein is far superior. This is likely related to the amino acid profile and the fast absorption rate of whey protein.

So Whey protein when compared against Soy protein, comes out to be the clear winner with its high biological value and its net protein utilization. Therefore, if you’re struggling to decide whether to choose soy protein or whey protein, you should always opt for whey protein.