Making of Avvatar - Whey Protein Manufacturing Plant

The entire process from the milking of the cows to packaging of Avvatar is completed within 24 hours in India's 1ststate of the art whey manufacturing plant, to ensure freshness and retention of important biological compounds.

Milk to Cheese
  • Sourced from our own pampered, hand-picked herd of Holstein-Friesian cows
  • Fed on a natural diet of alfalfa, a natural source of calcium and protein
  • Milked at Bhagyalakshmi Dairy Farm, with the finest international technology
  • Processed at the plant in Manchar, with mechanized equipment, for optimized hygiene and quality
  • Specialized farming, nurturing, breeding and milking programmes produce superior milk
Cheese to Whey Liquid
  • Incoming milk is tested for quality and purity, prior to the cheese making process.
  • Pasteurized to ensure product safety and uniformity
  • Starter culture added to milk to initiate the cheese creation
  • Microbial enzymes are infused to coagulate the milk
  • On curd and liquid formation, curd turns to cheese and liquid into whey
  • The liquid whey is then drained off
Whey Protein Powder
  • Liquid whey is transferred to Avvatar plant
  • Repasteurization for maintaining purity and uniformity
  • Processed through cold cross filtration and micro filtration for the best form of whey
  • Spray-dried in a hi-tech machine at low temperature to ensue protein properties are retained
Best Whey Protein Powder Supplement
  • Multiple levels of micro-filtration are carried out to get the minutest particles of whey
  • Blended with natural flavours to match specifications set by experts
  • Packed in sterilized containers and dispatched to markets.