What does farm to shaker cup mean?

Farm to shaker cup explains the freshness of our products as the entire process from milking to packaging is completed within 24 hours.

We have our own dairy farm at Manchar, where our cows are fed with healthy and sumptuous meals to ensure their well-being. Our cows are milked and the derived milk undergoes processing for cheese making and other dairy products. Further extraction of liquid, purification/ filtration, drying and final packaging is all carried out within 24 hours.

Owing to this quick and untouched processing the Whey comes with excellent mix-ability while ensuring the amino acid profile is well retained.

What are these cows fed?

Cows at our dairy farm are on a total meal plan, with specially grown high quality fodder.

Veterinarian Nutritionists nutritionists ensure customized meals for our cows of different age groups. Cows are fed with green maize, corn silage, bran, alfalfa, pennisetum and chopped hay. This ensures more nutritious milk.

Whey Protein

What are the ingredients in Avvatar Absolute 100% Whey Protein?

Avvatar Absolute 100% Whey Protein is comprised of a blend of Whey Protein Isolate extracted from fresh cow’s milk. Additionally, it also contains natural flavors, acesulfame potassium (calorie free sugar substitute, stabilizer and sunflower lecithin).

Who should consume Avvatar Absolute 100% Whey Protein?

Avvatar Absolute 100% Whey Protein can be consumed by anyone looking to meet their body’s protein demands. It is a great source of protein for vegetarians and individuals who have difficulty meeting the daily protein requirement through dietary (food) sources.

Consuming the right amount of protein creates an ideal condition for muscle growth.

It is recommended to consult your health/ nutrition consultant to understand your body’s exact requirement as per your fitness goal, body type, exercise regimen etc.

When should it be consumed?

Avvatar Absolute 100% Whey Protein gives best results when consumed immediately after workout as a post workout meal. This helps in quick repair and growth of broken muscles and a quick speedy recovery. This speedy recovery is a result of its natural high concentration of BCAA & Glutamine (amino acids).

Alternatively, to meet the proteins needs of the day It can also be taken in:

  • • Pre workout meals to fuel the muscles during workout;
  • • Early morning to reduce the overnight muscles breakdown;
  • • Bed time to help sustained release of amino acids throughout the night.

How can it be consumed? What should be the temperature of milk/ water or beverage? Dilution proportion. Recipes to include?

Avvatar Absolute Whey Protein tastes best when mixed with milk. Alternatively, it can be combined with water as per your taste preferences. You can also consider mixing Avvatar Absolute Unflavored Whey Protein with your favorite drinks like lassi, fruit juices, milkshakes etc.

You can also make your meals more nutritious by incorporating Unflavored Whey in your favorite recipes while making nutrition bars and pancakes. It can also be mixed in your breakfast cereal -Oats, Muesli etc.

Avvatar Absolute Whey Protein has high mix-ability due to its freshness, it is best mixed with beverages at room temperatures. Do not mix Whey protein in a hot beverage as it can lead to alteration of original protein, affecting flavor and texture.

What flavors is it available in?

Avvatar Absolute 100% Whey Protein is available in 2 lip smacking flavors - Café Mocha Swirl and Belgian Chocolate that takes care of your daily protein needs.

What are the sources for the different flavors?

Avvatar Absolute 100% Whey Protein contains all-natural flavors that are derived from food sources.

What is the quantity of protein per scoop?

Avvatar Absolute 100% Whey Protein has a serving size of 35g per scoop and contains 24g of high biological value whey protein in each serving.

Note: It is very important to note the quality of protein along with the percentage of protein in each scoop may vary.

What is the shelf life?

Avvatar Absolute 100% Whey Protein is packed with freshness as the entire processing from milking to processing is carried out in 24 hours. It has a shelf life of 2 years.

Is there any specification to storage?

Avvatar Absolute 100% Whey Protein must be stored at room temperature, in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.

Is the product Gluten-free, Sugar-free?

Avvatar Absolute 100% Whey Protein does not contain any source of gluten and is manufactured in a gluten-free facility.

Avvatar Absolute 100% Whey Protein doesn’t contain any added sugar; instead it has a non-calorie sweetener - Acesulfame Potassium.

If a whey concentrate is 80% protein, why do some products say 100% whey protein?

The 80% refers to the concentration level of the protein that is in the ingredient - Whey Protein Concentrate.

If a product is called 100% whey protein, this usually refers to the protein source used, meaning only whey protein is used, not egg, soy or milk protein. Therefore, a product that is named 100% whey protein (if it's from a concentrate) would contain about 80% protein.

If a whey protein concentrate is 80% protein, what is the other 20%?

Whey is derived from Cows milk; hence 80% protein implies for the percentage of protein obtained from each scoop of powder. e.g. Every protein powder, whether it's whey, soy or something else, has moisture. In fact, 5% of the total formula is water. Rest 15% contains naturally occurring minerals, added flavors, carbohydrates & fats.

Can people who are allergic or sensitive to milk use this product? Can people with lactose intolerance consume Avvatar Absolute 100% Whey Protein?

If a person knows about their lactose tolerance it is suggested to consult a nutritionist/ health professional before using any whey protein as the lactose concentration in each serving will determine the tolerable limit.

We will soon be launching our new product- Whey protein Protein isolate Isolate extracted by further purification and elimination of Lactose and fat molecules, making it more tolerable suitable for individuals with lactose intolerance or sensitivity towards to digest milk and milk products.

I am a vegetarian. Should I consume whey protein?

Yes, being a Vegetarian you must consider adding Whey protein to your diet as it plays a vital role. A typical vegetarian diet comprises of limited sources of protein obtained from second class protein sources like dals and pulses. These are not complete proteins (typically lacking in one amino acid methionine) and hence not the best source of protein. Soya is considered a complete protein but the biological value for the same is also lesser when compared to non-vegetarian sources of protein. Whey protein scores the highest biological value amongst all the protein sources due to its excellent amino acid profile.

Additionally, an important point to be considered by a vegetarian is whether the whey protein that is extracted from milk is using animal sourced rennet (added for curdling of milk to make cheese) or micro-enzyme based. Rennet is found naturally in the intestines of mammals for digestion of milk. At Avvatar though, we use microbial rennet to ensure that the final product is 100% pure vegetarian.

Can I take whey protein in combination with other supplements?

Your daily needs for protein can be managed with Avvatar Absolute 100% Whey protein, according to your exercise regimen and body’s requirement.

Avvatar Advanced Muscle Gainer can be considered if you are specifically looking for muscle gain and fall short of macro-nutrients that are necessary for muscle building.

Supplements can be added to give a cutting edge to workouts/performance like creatine, glutamine, BCAA as per your body’s requirements and fitness goals.

We would advise you to consider the suggestions of a Nutritionist/ Health professional who can help you draw a perfect plan with all the supplements that can be combined with Avvatar Absolute 100% Whey Protein and Avvatar Advanced Muscle Gainer.

Why is Whey protein a best-seller?

Whey protein is considered premium due to its

  • • Exceptional profile of amino acids
  • • Highest biological value score (104-159) out of all the other source of protein
  • • PDCAA (Protein digestibility corrected amino acid score) is 1.0
  • • Rich source of BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acid) and Glutamine especially required for people with intense workouts. They aid in improving energy delivery and repair/recovery.
  • • Pure protein source with almost negligible quantity of fat and carbohydrates, making it an ideal supplement for individuals with measured carbohydrates in the diet.
  • • Excellent mix-ability, great taste and natural flavors make it an ideal post-workout meal to quickly replenish the high-protein demands. It can also be incorporated as part of an early morning meal to stop muscle breakdown and in between meals in addition with a carb source to take care of macro nutrient needs.

Whey protein or casein, which one is better?

Whey and casein both are extracted from milk. Whey protein constitutes approximately 20% of the protein found in milk.

Whey is the richest natural source of BCAAs (branch-chain amino-acids) and is usually the preferred choice for muscle building, change in body composition, improvement of lean muscle and reduction of body fat levels. Whey plays a vital role in quick replenishment of broken muscles and enhances immune function due to its naturally occurring immunoglobulins. it is best added in a post-workout meal especially when the body is in the muscle breakdown phase and needs fast absorbing protein for muscle repair & building.

Casein protein constitutes 80% of milk protein. Casein is a slow-release protein. Casein is best supplemented with meals and beforebed time where a slow and continued release of protein is preferred.

Athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness enthusiasts usually combine the two, consuming whey for quick protein replenishment and Casein for slow and steady protein release.

Why do chocolate flavour has less protein than vanilla?

To achieve a rich chocolate taste, cocoa must be added along with a chocolate flavour. Vanilla only requires flavour for a good taste. Added cocoa, displaces some of the protein in a formula.

Various brands deal with this lower protein situation in one of two ways. Either their chocolate product will have slightly less protein and slightly more carbs, or the serving size is increased to make the protein level constant between flavours, but there will be fewer servings per container.

Muscle Gainer

What is the composition of Avvatar Advanced Muscle Gainer?

Avvatar Advanced Muscle Gainer is a perfect blend of proteins and carbs, specially formulated to match the requirements of an individual looking for muscle gain with controlled fat levels.

The major source of calories here is protein from high biological value whey and carbs sourced as a combination of complex maltodextrin and simple dextrose; enriched with 21 essential vitamins and minerals that take care of your daily needs for micronutrients.

Our muscle gainer also contains Alkalized cocoa powder, Acesulfame Potassium and sunflower lecithin.

Who is Avvatar Advanced Muscle gainer ideal for?

Avvatar Advanced Muscle Gainer is a lean muscle gain formula with Protein -Carbohydrate ratio of 1:1. 1 scoop (60gm) of muscle gainer contains a high proportion of protein (25.5 gm) extracted from Whey Protein Concentrate and Casein making it an ideal combination of fast and slow-release protein. It has an equivalent quantity of carbohydrates in the form of maltodextrins and dextrose (not sucrose). Dextrose helps give a quick rush of energy and Maltodextrins helps for a sustained release of energy, hence taking care of energy needs immediately and until the next meal.

Additionally, is enriched with 21 vital vitamins and minerals that also take care of the body’s micronutrient needs.

How will Avvatar Advanced muscle gainer help me gain muscles?

Avvatar Advanced Muscle Gainer contains the ideal combination of carbohydrates and proteins that are continually required by the body to maintain a supply of nutrients for the growing muscles.

When combined with the right kind of training the carbohydrates are utilized for providing energy and sparing the protein completely for muscle repair, recovery and growth.

The perfect 1:1 ratio of protein: carbohydrates in Avvatar Advanced Muscle Gainer ensures that the body doesn’t bulk up with too much fat and focuses on muscle growth and definition.

What is ideal time to consume Avvatar Advanced Muscle Gainer

Avvatar Advanced Muscle Gainer is a lean muscle gain formula and must be added to the diet to match high daily nutritional demands. Since the formulation contains best sourced carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals it forms an ideal pre-workout meal that can fuel and energize workout sessions. Additionally, it can also be consumed in-between meals and before bedtime.

For best results consume 2-3 servings per day to match the high nutritional requirement.

How many scoops must be introduced to achieve great results?

Ideally Avvatar Advanced Muscle Gainer is best added in pre workout meals, in between the main meals (Breakfast/ Lunch/ Dinner). For the best tasting shake mix 1 scoop (60gm) in 375 ml of low-fat milk or alternatively add it to your favorite drinks like lassi, fruit juice, milkshakes etc.

If a person has just started workouts can he immediately start consuming a muscle gainer?

Yes, muscle gainers are supplements with ideal quantities of carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and minerals that ensure high daily calorie needs are met. It helps bridge the gap between Intake and output in the body.

In case of a mismatch between intake and output,there are higher chances of losing important muscle tissue and body weight. If you’re serious about muscle growth, you have to consider adding Avvatar Advanced Muscle Gainer and match the required intake of nutrients by adjusting the number of scoops on a daily basis.

Why is sugar added to Avvatar Advanced Muscle gainer?

Individuals aiming at muscle building require both fast and slow release carbohydrates for continuous growth of muscles in the body. Avvatar Advanced Muscle Gainer contains carbohydrates in the form of maltodextrins and dextrose (not Sucrose). Dextrose helps give a quick rush of energy and maltodextrins help with sustained release of energy, taking care of energy needs immediately and until the next meal.

Buying & Returns

How can I return/ cancel my orders?

Please send an email to customercare@paragmilkfoods.com and our team will help you plan your returns/refunds.

For cancellation of orders, if the order is placed on our website, you can contact us at customercare@paragmilkfoods.com If the order is placed on websites such as Amazon, Flipkart, their customer care process will help you with cancellations.

How do I check the genuineness of the product?

Step 1 : - You will see the Authenticate Label on the Cap of the bottle.

Step 2 : - Scratch the label on the lid to unveil the unique verification code.

Step 3: - Go to the link https://www.avvatarindia.com/authenticate enter the unique code, your email id & mobile no & click on Verify Now.

You will come to know the genuineness of the product.

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