Avvatar Isorich Protein | 1 Kg | Caramel Crème Flavour

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Experience the goodness of Avvatar Caramel Creme Isorich Protein, delivering an impressive 28g of protein per scoop. This stands as one of the highest protein content offerings in its category. What's more, it comes enriched with naturally occurring BCAAs and EAAs, supporting efficient muscle protein synthesis.


100% Natural Flavours

Avvatar Whey Protein is crafted with only the finest natural ingredients and without any artificial colours and fillers.


Made From 100% Cow Milk

Avvatar Whey protein is made from fresh cow’s milk, 100% Vegetarian, and manufactured with multiple stringent quality tests. 


100% Truly Vegetarian  

Distinguishing ourselves from others, we use microbial enzymes instead of non-veg rennet in making our protein powders hence making our protein products vegetarian in the true sense.


28.0 g


(Per 35g rounded scoop)

Ignite your strength and fuel muscle growth

6.0 g


Supercharges protein synthesis and accelerates post-workout recovery

6.0 g


Builds and repairs muscle tissue, aiding in cellular recovery

3.8 g

Glutamic Acid

Balances acid levels, optimising immune and digestive functions

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